How AI Is Revolutionizing Restaurant Management
by Jaak "Tech-Brew" Talvik
Dear readers,

As we raise our glasses to the future, it's clear that the restaurant industry has developed a new taste for technology. They're not just sipping on it - they're chugging it down like a thirst-quenching IPA after a summer's day in Tallinn. And what's that distinct flavor we're detecting? It's none other than Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Yes, folks, even in the world of food and beverages, AI is starting to look as tantalizing as the foam on your fresh pint of beer​​. As they say, the proof is in the pudding - or in this case, the online ordering system.

Online ordering and delivery apps are becoming as essential as that first cup of coffee in the morning. And don't think it's just about our convenience. It's about the bottom line too. By 2027, the global online food delivery market is set to nearly double to $223.7 billion. That's a lot of takeout sushi, my friends! We're seeing more restaurants developing their own integrated apps and online platforms to keep up with this trend​.

Another flavor of the month? Contactless payment. Not only do diners love the convenience, but it's also been a lifeline in these socially-distanced times. Imagine paying for your meal as easily as scrolling through your favorite foodie Instagram account. Now that's what I call sweet!

Our dining scene is also getting an upgrade with online table reservation systems. Remember those old-fashioned phone calls to book a table? As outdated as a warm beer! Now, you can reserve a table with the same ease as liking a cat video on social media. And companies like OpenTable are taking it a step further, offering unique dining experiences alongside reservations​.

The kitchen isn't being left behind either, with digital kitchen 'boards' becoming as vital as the chef's knife. These Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) help streamline operations, ensuring your order comes out faster than you can say "extra cheese, please"​.

AI is also playing its part in the storeroom with automated inventory management software. It's like having a super-efficient stock keeper who never sleeps and doesn't sneak a snack from the pantry. Plus, it's helping to minimize food wastage, which is as refreshing as a sip of my homemade ginger beer​.

Lastly, QR codes are becoming a mainstay in our dining experience. You can access menus, order, and pay all with a simple scan. It's like having the power of a waiter, menu, and cash register right in your smartphone! If only it could do the dishes as well​.

In other news, some cautionary advice for our fellow drink lovers. Publishers Clearing House, a marketing and sweepstakes firm, has recently settled an FTC lawsuit for $18.5 million regarding alleged deceptive business practices, including surprise shipping fees and misleading customers into making purchases to win a sweepstakes​2​. They've faced similar litigation in the past, and scams using their name have seen a notable increase. So as you enjoy your favorite beverage, remember, don't drink and click​.

In conclusion, while you're savoring that aged wine or craft beer, remember the technology that might have brought it to your table. If you have any bright ideas about how tech could further help our beloved drinks industry, drop me a line. I'm always up for a good chat over a pint.

Until next time
Jaak “Tech-Brew” Talvik