Welcome to Sip and Savvy!

Hello and welcome, fellow drinks aficionados and hospitality professionals! I'm Parker Château-Chic, your Editor-in-Chief, and it is my immense pleasure to introduce you to Sip and Savvy, your new go-to destination for everything HoReCa. Our journey together promises to be exciting, informative, and innovative. As the Latin saying goes, "Scientia Potentia Est” – Knowledge is Power. With us, you'll sip the knowledge, and serve with confidence.
At Sip and Savvy, we embrace the present, respect the past, and look forward to the future. We are passionate about utilising the latest advancements in technology, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, to enhance our understanding of the industry and to better serve you, our readers. As we dive into the world of beverages, hospitality, and technology, we will navigate the waves of change together, crafting a stronger, smarter industry.

But I'm not alone on this journey. Let me introduce you to our exceptional team of staff writers. First up, we have Aiko “Highball” Hayashi, our spirits and hospitality expert. Aiko's vast experiences and adventures in global mixology make her your best guide through the enthralling world of cocktails and spirits.

Next is Dominic “Decanter” Devaux, your go-to source for all things wine and restaurant trends. Hailing from Bordeaux, Dominic brings with him an impressive depth of knowledge about wines and a keen eye for culinary innovations.

Last but not least, meet Jaak “Tech-Brew” Talvik, our resident tech geek and craft drinks enthusiast. As an expert in both technology and Estonia's flourishing craft drink scene, Jaak bridges the gap between tech advancements and the HoReCa industry.

Together, we will be your trusted guides through the fascinating terrain of HoReCa. We're here to enlighten, entertain, and help you grow in your professions. So, pull up a barstool, pour your favourite drink, and let's begin this journey together.

Cheers to you, and cheers to the bright future of Sip and Savvy!

Yours, Parker Château-Chic, Editor-in-Chief
  • Parker “Chief” Château-Chic
    Hailing from London, Parker's journey into the world of drinks began during his university days at Oxford, where he studied literature and developed a fondness for traditional pubs and fine whiskies. After graduating, he delved into the realm of journalism, fuelled by a passion for storytelling and a keen interest in the emerging trends of the HoReCa industry. Parker spent many years honing his craft as a writer and editor for various food and beverage magazines, interviewing industry experts, visiting trade shows, and sipping his way through countless product launches. Known for his dry wit, strong educational background, and a love for tech innovation, Parker's leadership at Sip and Savvy brings together a deep understanding of the industry with a vision for its digital future.
  • Aiko “Highball” Hayashi
    Writer , mixologist
    Born in Yokohama to a Japanese father and a French mother, Aiko was raised in a world of fusion — not just of cultures, but also of flavours. From an early age, her curiosity for the world led her to explore different cultures, traditions, and cuisines. After completing her studies in Hospitality Management in Tokyo, she embarked on a journey that took her from the cocktail bars of Paris to the speakeasies of New York. Along the way, she honed her skills as a mixologist, adding her unique East-meets-West twist to every creation. Aiko brings to the Sip and Savvy team her extensive knowledge of global drink trends, her unwavering passion for hospitality, and a suitcase full of cocktail anecdotes from around the world.
  • Dominic “Decanter” Devaux
    Writer, restaurateur
    Dominic, a native of Bordeaux, grew up surrounded by vineyards and the aromas of delicious food. His family's deep ties to the wine industry and his mother's flair for cooking sparked his passion for gastronomy and oenology. After studying culinary arts in Lyon and later wine studies in Beaune, Dominic became a restaurateur, winning accolades for his innovation and attention to wine pairings. His interest in trends and his quest for perfect culinary experiences led him to explore innovative technologies in the restaurant industry. Dominic adds to the Sip and Savvy team a profound understanding of global culinary trends, an insider's perspective of the wine industry, and a relentless pursuit of innovation.
  • Jaak “Tech-Brew” Talvik
    Writer, technological expert and craft drink enthusiast
    Born and raised in the vibrant city of Tallinn, Jaak's fascination with technology began as a young boy disassembling computers and brewing homemade ginger beer. His dual interest in technology and craft drinks continued into adulthood. After earning a degree in Computer Science from Tallinn University of Technology, Jaak delved into the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Simultaneously, he began exploring the craft beer scene in Estonia, earning a reputation for his homemade brews. At Sip and Savvy, Jaak brings a unique blend of technological expertise and craft drink enthusiasm, promising innovative insights into the evolving world of HoReCa.