A Day in the Life of a Successful Sommelier
by Dominic “Decanter” Devaux
When the sun has only just begun to make a shy appearance, our wine virtuoso, the sommelier, is already in full throttle. You see, mornings are sacred, reserved for one essential routine: the tasting. Sounds divine, doesn't it? But don't be fooled. This isn't about savouring a Pinot Noir while watching the sunrise. No, it's a scholarly affair where each wine is meticulously sipped, swished, and (sadly) spat out. The purpose? To analyse and store every nuanced flavour and note, much like an artist studying his paints.

The morning's silent symphony of tasting soon gives way to the more earthly task of inventory management. This involves grappling with columns of stock figures, predicting which wines will take centre stage in the restaurant, and, of course, scouting the horizon for the latest trends sweeping through the vineyards.

Dominic “Decanter” Devaux
However, it's not always all vines and roses. Every so often, there's a hiccup - delivery delays or sudden menu changes that demand a change in wine pairings. Picture it as a 'corkscrew in the works', requiring on-the-spot solutions and a dash of adaptability, a skill our wine guru has perfected over the years.
As the restaurant doors swing open to welcome its guests, our sommelier steps into the limelight, transforming into a guide through the vast universe of wines. Listening intently to guests' preferences, suggesting wines that dance perfectly with their meals, and weaving stories about the wines - it's all part of the magic of creating an unforgettable dining experience.

But when the night is in full swing, this is when the challenge truly begins. I remember a night juggling a full house, an exclusive event, and an unanticipated invasion from a troop of wine enthusiasts. It was a wild dance, but it's these high-stakes moments that make the role thrilling and rewarding.

Once the last guests have left and the restaurant doors close, it's time for the sommelier to hang up the tasting glass, at least for a moment. It's a quiet time for reflection, to ponder over the day's interactions, the wines that were stars of the evening, and the lessons learned. In this world, every day brings new knowledge, new faces, and fresh reasons to be passionate about wine.
The perfect end to the day? A glass of their favorite wine, savoured in silence. Because at the heart of it, sommeliers are simply people who fell in love with wine. The role can be demanding, even nerve-racking at times, but the sheer joy of sharing this love for wine with others, makes it worth every drop.
In the immortal words of Robert Louis Stevenson, "Wine is bottled poetry." So, dear readers, do share your own poetic experiences and routines related to the world of wine. Ever found a surprise wine that sang to your palate? Or maybe you've had your own 'corkscrew in the works' moment? We'd love to hear your tales over a glass of virtual vino. Write to us, and let's keep the wine conversations flowing.